System Replacement

We are progressively seeing more older existing systems failing due to miss use, bad design or simply old age. ODC work alongside the local council and drain layers to ensure failed systems are dealt with as quickly as possible. In most cases ODC aims to complete a replacement system design within 5 working days. The Councils building consent process will be fast tracked ensuring a replacement system is in place as soon as possible, minimising health risks.

Possible Courses of System Failure

Many things can course septic system failure, from cars or cattle passing over the drainage field compressing soils and breaking pipes, to the build up of oils, solids and slime known as the biomat. The biomat is a naturally occurring tar-like substance that forms on the bottoms and sides of the drain field. The tar is made up of living anaerobic (without oxygen) organisms which feed on the effluent. If the tar becomes thick, effluent cannot pass through into the soil, the disposal field will then back up. Signs of a backed up system are either damp muddy spots on lawns over the disposal area or in worst cases wastewater may backup into household drains.

Stormwater flooding the disposal field may also course system failure, as the aerobic (with oxygen) organisms living in soils which feed on the effluent die out. This is a major factor in Northland due to high rainfall, it is essential to keep a close eye on your systems performance during the winter months.

For a guide to prolong the life of you septic systems visit our maintenance guide or the councils website below. 

Northlan Regional CouncilFNDC Wastewater Guide

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