Wastewater Design (TP58)

We understand that on-site wastewater disposal (TP58) is the least attractive stage of the house design. In the majority of cases a simple site meeting is the only requirement of the client, ODC will make the process as simple and as painless as possible.

Design Process

The majority of our clients proffer to have a disposal system that is not seen and not heard with minimal maintenance cost. Although not always achievable we aim to position the system as discretely as possible without compromising maintenance access.

Each system can be individually tailored to the needs of the home and the surrounding landscape. Waste water can be used for irrigating gardens reducing the need for watering and costly independent irrigation.

Building Consents

A building consent or discharge consent may be required for the installation of a new system or upgrading of existing systems. ODC can organise each stage of the consent process for you, from the initial application through to the consent being issued.


We work closely with Local and National on site wastewater system manufacturers all with proven track records of both manufacture and maintenance. ODC can liaise with manufacturers and installers to organise quotations for the system and maintenance scheduling.

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